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Roulette is probably the best known casino game in the World. Every proper online casino offers a few different versions of this game nowadays and it's definitely one that is still played most often around the whole World.

How to win at roulette?

People play roulette a lot but have you really thought if it's possible to win against the casino and get some money to your pocket from this?

If someone is promising you some guaranteed profits saying he knows how to win at roulette  he's simply selling you bullshit as it's not possible to secure a win. The same way as it's not possible for FC Barcelona to win every single game they play. However while you can't guaranteed a profit you can definitely follow a few quite simple rules to maximize your chances of winning. It's definitely easier to win at roulette than to win on slot machines. 

How to win at roulette

Tips how to win at roulette

First of all when you're playing online roulette make sure you play with a casino that is well recognized and trusted. Big established companies that have wide presence on the market will not try to cheat you. They have too much to lose if it comes out that they are cheating. This is not the case for some small casinos registered somewhere in Caymans, Curacao or wherever else in the World. Those companies are there one day and disappear with your money on the next.

This is why the first and the most important tip is to play with casino you trust at least a little bit. At MyBettingBonus while doing our review of betting companies we also have looked at casinos. After an extend and detailed search we came to a conclusion that it's best to use Betway Casino.

The second really important factor you should consider is your strategy. Either you place your money on colors or numbers,  on rows or lines it's important to go with a prepared plan and stick to it. If you start changing your mind all the time, jumping from one plan to the other you'll get into chaos and you will most likely lose all your money.

Think also how much money you can spend to test your strategy. Don't go all in at start. Test and learn. Consider playing casino as a longer term plan and not a chance to get huge money in one day.

How to win at roulette

Boost your casino funds by getting a casino bonus

When you're starting your roulette career why would you invest only your own money when there are lots of interesting promotions and offers from online casinos.

Ladbrokes casino

Ladbrokes is one of the biggest operators of online casino and sports betting in the UK. The company is powered by Playtech casino engine. This means their offering is really great and it's hard to find anything better out there.

What is more Ladbrokes is now offering a great 200% bonus up to £600 . You don't need any promo code to use this offer. However you need to use below link for registration as the offer is exclusive only to chosen customers.


Betway Casino

The one we recommended earlier – Betway Casino – it's an well established UK brand and it'ss currently offering a massive deposit match bonus up to £1,000. The best way to get started is really to make a first deposit of up to £250 and get a match bonus up to same amount. Thanks to this even if you deposit on £50 you will have £100 to play with and that will make your bankroll significantly higher to start and test your strategy.

Now you know basic details of how to win at roulette and how you can test your skills using money from a casino. Something worth testing.