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Ladbrokes exits Russia, Portugal, Finland and Romania

Ladbrokes continues their strategy of closing some of unregulated markets by withdrawing from further 4 countries including Russia, Portugal, Finland and Romania.

The London based giant closed a number of countries last year including likes of Canada, Switzerland, Norway or Hungary and according to rumours they still might be reviewing additional closures to follow shortly.

“We continually review our presence in markets according to legal advice and regulatory conditions,” a Ladbrokes spokesperson said.

The news comes nearly at the same time as the information about gambling regulation changes in Romania and some further IP blocking plans in Russia.

It's not certain why Ladbrokes decided to close Portugal and Finland at the same time but both countries are also in process of reviewing their own gambling laws so it's highly likely that it was also legal reasons behind this decision.

It's worth to mention that Ladbrokes is currently licensed in UK, Spain, Denmark, Belgium and Australia and is currently in process of securing German and Netherlands licences which will possibly boost their international presence further.


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