Credit Cards Betting Sites in the UK

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Please note that as of April 2020, Credit Cards are no longer accepted as a method of payment at UK betting sites. We can, however, recommend three top alternatives:

PayPal Betting Sites

Debit Card Betting Sites

Apple Pay Betting Sites


Credit cards are still one of the most widely accepted payment methods for online betting. They have been around for a very long time, and their popularity doesn’t seem to drop. Even after the release of prepaid cards and e-wallets, credit cards still hold their ground.

In the end, it all comes to choosing which payment method suits you the best. In this review, we will try to help you decide whether the betting with credit cards is the right choice for you. You’ll get to learn everything there is to know both about the positive and negative sides of using credit cards as an online betting payment method. Also, in case you still haven’t decided what online sportsbook to use, be sure to check our list of the top-rated credit cards betting sites we have posted below.

Top 5 Credit Cards Betting Sites in the UK

The great thing about credit cards is that almost every decent online betting site in the UK supports them. It means that if you decide to start using credit cards as a payment method, you’ll have a plethora of high-quality online sportsbooks to choose from.

Credit Cards – Bet Even If You Don’t Have Enough Money on Your Account!

As their name says, credit cards allow you to take money on credit. Buti t’s always a good idea to be extra cautious with your spendings when placing bets by credit cards.

Another thing why experienced bettors like to use credit cards is the fact that they are incredibly safe. Card companies like Visa or MasterCard have a very, very long history of doing business in the financial market, so they know how to move money as safe as possible.

A lot of punters still use credit cards both to make deposits and withdrawal their winnings, so almost all bookies have them installed. If you decide to go with some of the credit cards, you’ll be able to choose between almost any of the top UK betting sites. And the best thing is that nearly all of them allow players to use credit cards when claiming a welcome bonus.

How to Deposit by Credit Cards?

Depositing with credit cards is very straightforward. You just need to log in to the bookie’s site and choose your credit card. Most of the bookmakers accept Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro, but you’ll also find that some of them allow Diners Club and American Express cards as well. Once you’re in, you’ll need to enter the card details such as card number security code and so on. But be aware that you may be charged an additional 3% to 5% fee.

We have made a useful step by step guide, so you can be done with this boring technical part as quickly as possible. You’re welcome!

  1. Register your account with some of the top UK credit card sites from our list
  2. Go to the deposit page
  3. Chose your credit card from the list of payment methods
  4. Enter amount you wish to deposit and bonus code, in case there is one
  5. Enter your cards details
  6. Authorise the payment
  7. Money should be added to your account instantly

Positives of Using Credit Cards For UK Sportsbooks

Credit cards have been around ever since the online betting has become a thing. But why they are still so popular, even though nowadays there are dozens of other reliable payment options available? We have listed a few most important reasons below.

Negatives of Using Credit Cards For UK Sportsbooks

As all other payment methods, there are cons as well as pros. It’s very important to know what to expect when using credit cards, in order to prevent the possible inconveniences, and maybe even choose some other payment option. We have listed a few most critical drawbacks of using the credit cards for UK sportsbooks.

Can I Withdrawal by the Credit Cards?

Yes, almost all bookmakers will allow you to make a withdrawal using the credit cards. But there is one stipulation. In most cases, you’ll be able to withdrawal just up to the amount you have deposited using the same payment method. So for example, if you have deposited £20, then you may withdrawal only £20 or less via the same credit card. To withdraw any additional funds, you’ll have to use some other payment method, often a bank transfer. Therefore, it’s a good idea to always have an alternative payment option in place when betting with credit cards.

Betting Site Min / Max Withdrawal Withdrawal Time
William Hill £5 / £33,000 1-3 Working Days
bet365 £5 / £20,000 1-5 Working Days
Betfred £5 / N/A 2-7 Working Days
Unibet £5 / £10 1-3 Working Days
Betway £5 / £50,000 2-3 Working Days


Credit Cards Bonuses – What’s Available?

Credit cards are enabled for many sports promotions and welcome bonuses. Payment method limitations usually extend to e-wallets and, in some cases, prepaid cards. It means that you would be able to claim a promotion if you decide to deposit using a credit card.

Are Credit Cards Bookies Safe and Secure?

Absolutely. The credit cards themselves are a very safe payment method. They have been around for decades, and in that time, the card companies have managed to perfect their security measure to the point where is extremely unlikely for your money or personal data to be compromised. It’s also important to point out that all credit cards are directly connected to your bank account, meaning that there is one additional layer of security.

The last thing left to check is the bookmaker you have chosen. Always be sure that your bookie has all security measurements in place, like SSL encryption, for example. That’s why we recommend you to try some of the sportsbooks from our list. They are all licensed and 100% trustworthy.

Credit Card Betting Sites and Mobile Betting Apps

All of you who prefer to place bets on the go will be pleased to know that credit cards are available on most of the sports betting apps. It doesn’t matter whether you place bets using the web-based or native app, if bookmaker enables credit cards on the desktop, they will most likely be available on the mobile too.

Are There Any Alternatives to Credit Cards?

Most of the established and new online sportsbooks let you choose from a plethora of different payment methods. Every one of them has some specific strength and weaknesses, so in the end, it all comes to your personal preferences. For example, if you want to be extra safe and avoid fees, then the bank transfer is a good choice. But in case that speed is what you are looking for then maybe e-wallets are for you. The point is – do your research and try to figure out what payment method suits you the best.

Credit Card Betting Sites FAQs

Is it safe to place bets with credit cards?

Yes, credit cards are one of the safest payment methods there is. But don’t forget to check your bookmaker’s security policies and safety features as well.

Can I withdraw via credit card?

Yes, you can use credit cards to withdrawal. But note that you may be able to withdrawal just up to the amount you have previously deposited. It means that you’ll have to cash out the rest of your winnings using some other payment method.

Can I use a credit card when betting on mobile?

Yes, you can use credit cards for mobile deposits and withdrawals. If your bookmaker allows the use of credit cards on the desktop version of the site, then it most likely is available on the mobile app as well.

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