My Betting Bonus Responsible Gambling

We have a huge responsibility when it comes to problem gambling, and we take it extremely seriously. We’re reviewing and recommending betting sites to you but we’re very aware that for some of us, gambling can sometimes get too much and get on top of us.

We believe that betting should be a form of enjoyable entertainment, and only be undertaken when you have the means to do so. As soon as it isn’t fun anymore, you need to stop and potentially seek further help or advice.

There is risk involved with all betting types and there is no such thing as an easy win – your money is always at stake. Bet responsibly and seek help if you believe you have a problem.

Safer Gambling Week 2021

Safer Gambling Week runs for a week from 1-7 November 2021, but this is something we’re committed to year-round. This cross-industry campaign promotes safer gambling in the UK and Ireland and it’s something we and our partners take extremely seriously.

The website has plenty of information if you’re looking for guidance on how to keep gaming fun and stay in control at all times.

Responsible Gambling Helplines and Organisations

There are plenty of confidential organisations available to people in the UK. They could help you and will talk to you confidentially if you think that you have a problem when it comes to gambling.

We’ve listed lots of these websites below – however, you should be able to access one or more of these from all online betting sites:

They can all help in different ways and make a great first stop.

Betting Site Responsible Gambling Measures

Every single UKGC-licenced betting site should have resources available to help you with your problem gambling. This may range from a simple page with information on, to full on listings of organisations that may help. Other bookies have built separate sites that can walk you through their responsible gambling measures.

Within each site, there are plenty of different measures you can take – from a quick cooling off period, through to fully self-excluding from a betting site. Here’s some of the measures you could take:

  • Deposit Limits – set a daily/weekly/monthly limit on your depositing
  • Time Outs – essentially a cooling off period
  • Self-Exclusion – if you exclude, you won’t be able to access the site until the time period is over
  • Reality Checks – get regular reminders of how much you’ve bet over a set time
  • KYC Communication –pro-active checks that you’re in control of your betting
  • Regular responsible gambling adverts – creating awareness of problem gambling issues

Ask Yourself These Questions

If you think you may have an issue with your betting, then you could ask yourself the questions below and see how you fare:

  • Would you prefer to gamble than spend time with your loved ones?
  • Have you ever missed a big occasion through gambling?
  • Is gambling a release from what you perceive as a boring or unhappy life?
  • Has gambling ever caused you to steal, or sell valuable assets?
  • Have you lied about gambling?
  • Do you keep your gambling hidden, or hide how much you’ve gambled?
  • Do people tell you that you’re gambling too much?
  • Have you felt depressed after losing? Is your only relief to gamble more?
  • Have you ever lost all of your money through gambling?
  • Do you chase your losses and bet more, once you’ve lost?
  • Have you ever felt suicidal or heavily depressed after gambling?
  • After arguing, or feeling frustrated, do you have a tendency to gamble more?

If you had more positive answers to the above questions then you did negative answers, then you may have a much more serious gambling problem. Please contact the GamCare helpline which is totally confidential on 0808 8020 133 or, alternatively, visit the GamCare website. You could also get in touch with any or all of the helplines and organisations above, or make the first step of speaking to someone you know.